Rebecca Friedman

Professional writer, semi-professional eater, amateur baker. New Orleans native and resident. Seeker of great food and great stories about food.

Alfresco Fresh

New Orleans has long enjoyed a tradition of outdoor dining, from crawfish-laden picnic tables to candlelit courtyards. Over the past year, many restaurants have responded to COVID-19 concerns by adding, expanding or beautifying outside seating to give patrons and staff extra breathing room. As we settle into spring, there’s no better time to sample the abundant alfresco options in neighborhoods across the city. This list represents just a fraction of places where the outdoor ambience might cure

Food Lovers Guide

New Orleans is a food town, with a dedicated population that holds on tightly to old favorite haunts, while embracing and celebrating new traditions and new faces. For our annual December list of restaurant, food and drink “bests,” our team of writers, plus our editorial staff, had the difficult task of honoring some of our favorites, a job made even more challenging with the effects of COVID-19 on the dining scene. Restaurateurs, bar owners, caterers, hospitality workers and more have all faced

A Sweet Success Story

While 2020 has rained economic hardship on many small and family-owned businesses, it has created unexpected opportunity for others. Some of these organizations, like grocery retailers, have found themselves in the right industry at the right time. Others have pivoted toward new strategies that enabled them to not only survive the pandemic but flourish. One of these fortunate businesses is family-owned New Orleans Beverage Group, which owns the popular El Guapo line of cocktail bitters and syru

Rise and Shine

In a town where boozy brunches tend to hog the morning spotlight, breakfast often gets short-stacked. That focus is shifting, however, as a growing number of restaurants around town pay closer attention to the first meal of the day. Whether your idea of morning glory is poached eggs on a white tablecloth or hash browns in a vinyl booth, we’ve got you covered. From buttery biscuits to tasty tacos to veggie-packed vegan scrambles, it’s breakfast time in New Orleans. Stein’s is a cult favorite no

Will Louisiana’s restaurant workers ever see a higher minimum wage?

Nearly half the states in the country will see a rise in their minimum wage in 2020, but Louisiana will not be among them. Unlike the 24 states implementing various increases, Louisiana’s minimum wage remains fixed at the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour, where it has been since 2009. Gov. John Bel Edwards campaigned on a platform to raise the state’s minimum wage, but his efforts, including a push last May to send the issue directly to Louisiana voters, have fallen short. The legislature begi

Making a House a Home

The Sazerac, an iconic New Orleans cocktail, is about to occupy a brand-new (yet well-aged) stage. On October 2, a historic site at the intersection of Magazine and Canal Streets opens to the public as the Sazerac House. The newly renovated 48,000-square-foot building (which dates to the 1860s) will bring something unique to the local landscape: a combined beverage museum, event space and fully functioning distillery. The space features hands-on exhibits and experiences designed to educate vis